Just Stop It


Ever try to help someone who really needed it, but didn’t want it?  Ever spend a great deal of effort, time, expense, patience, and thoughtfulness, for nothing, or worse?  Ever had someone constantly kibitzing, especially the people who should be the last to try to help?  How’s being helpful to people been workin’ out for ya?

One day, it dawns on you.  Yep, you finally realize it.  In that rush of epiphany, soul-deep, you are forever changed.  From now on, you know you should just stoptryingtohelp.


I Was Standing In The Lobby of a Motel In Tucumcari…


…asking the clerk some questions about the facilities and the amenities, policies, etc. Only a few moments after the clerk began his reply, a woman sitting at a table, who appeared to be a hotel guest, along with her biker friends, who overheard me talking to the clerk, jumps into the conversation and says to me, “There’s an ice machine in a hallway over there through that door, and they serve coffee and pastries in the morning but you have to get up really early or it’s all gone and…”.  After about a half minute of this, her biker dude says to her, “Honey, stop trying to help”.  Thankfully, some people know exactly when to tell other people when to stoptryingtohelp.