No, wait, er, NOT HELP.  Darn it.  Oh the irony.

Tips About Using This Site

Comment ApprovalThe first time you enter a comment on this web site, the comment will not post immediately, it must first be approved by the web site administrator.  If it is approved, your comment will appear in the web site where you left it, and future comments from you will not need to be approved.  After your first comment is approved, your subsequent comments are automatically approved by the web site software.

Your Name As Comment Author In The Comment Submission FormThere’s no need to put your real name on the form when entering a comment about a post or a comment about another comment.  Many people use a nickname on blogs.  You can use whatever nickname you like, but try to not use a nickname already used by someone else on this web site, it’s too confusing to the other persons reading the web site.

Mind Your Manners – Behave as if you are speaking to someone face to face.  This is a public forum, please use common socially acceptable decorum.  We should all just get along.

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